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Mole and Vole Treatments

Untitled     Vole

Mole and Vole treatments: Though these little creatures are actually really cute (and super soft), they can be a pain in the turf!  Moles eat insects and their tunnels can hinder healthy growth of turf.  Voles will eat the roots and bulbs of your plants.  Moles and voles may be detected by walking through your property and looking for raised tunnels.  You may also feel sinking when stepping on these raised tunnels.  Sometimes, collapsing tunnels can deter moles and voles.  Though many times more aggressive treatment plans are necessary.  It can be tricky to eradicate your property from these little varmints, but the key to encouraging them to move out is consistently limiting their food source.  We can help identify and kill the insects, deterring these pests from munching and tunneling in your lawn and landscape.  (pictured: mole on the top, vole on the bottom)