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Aeration and Seeding


Aeration and seeding: Many homeowners are disappointed with the lack of results of their lawn, even though they have mastered the basics of watering, mowing, and fertilizing.  The desired results may lie in one treatment that is often overlooked. For the greener, thicker lawn, aeration and seeding is an annual necessity. Aeration promotes air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, reduces soil compaction, deepens root growth, improves nutrient absorption, decreases water runoff and puddling, conserves water by improving soil uptake, penetrates heavy thatch (encouraging thatch to break down), and increases turf’s heat and drought tolerance. Bare spots, thinning, and strained grass may benefit from Fall aeration and seeding.  Note: warm season grasses prefer Spring aeration and seeding.  Call us in the Summer to get onto the Fall aeration and seeding schedule. Waiting until the Fall for scheduling may be too late!